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Mission to South Africa
October Mission Team

October 12-25, 2018

Sherry B.

New Hampshire

Hi everyone! My name is Sharon and I would like to share a little bit about myself. First, please call me Sherry.  I have 2 children and I also have 2 beautiful grandchildren ages 10 and 11. 

I have been a nurse for 25 yrs and have always worked in the operating room. I love being a nurse and am so grateful for the skills and knowledge the Lord has given me. When I became a nurse, a medical mission trip became top on my bucket list.  I was so excited to learn about Nurses with Purpose on a travel nurse group site on Facebook and grateful for this opportunity. I am looking forward to meeting everyone, sharing this journey with you and making lifelong friends.  I hope this be the first of many trips to come!

Latorian S. 

Hello, my name is Latorian; I am a rising new nurse, who just started her nursing career in 2016. I started my career in healthcare as a nursing assistant. I later graduated from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College with an Associate Degree of Nursing, after graduation I enrolled in the University of Texas Arlington to complete my Bachelors degree in Nursing. I currently work in the hospital on a Medical Surgical Unit. I am extremely humble and excited for a chance to serve others as well as provide healthcare to those who are in need. I am also excited to experience a different culture and to learn new things. In my free time, I like to travel, workout, volunteer in my local community, and spend time with my family. 

Kristina P.


Hello, my name is Kristina and from Vermont! I decided to get my nursing degree later in life, my desire was to find a life long career that would be challenging, diverse, and gratifying. I have been an RN for 6 years now. I have a passion to travel, and to offer my medical assistance and a helping hand to communities in need. I am excited to be able to go on this Nursing Mission Trip to South Africa so that I can immerse myself in their culture and to learn as much as I can from this amazing opportunity.



Keona M.

I'm 32 years old, RN for 5 years. Originally from Racine, WI but lives in Atlanta, GA. All ED/Trauma experience but branched off into Dialysis a month ago. Currently working at Davita Dialysis & AMC South in the ED PRN. Certifications BLS, ACLS, PALS (LOVE PEDS!) & TNCC. Im overly excited for this trip & to meet you all. .

Lori W.

Hey there, I'm Lori and I'm beyond excited to be going on this mission trip to South Africa! A little bit about me, I'm a mom, daughter, sister, friend and gypsy nurse that loves adventure! I've been delivering babies since 2005 and loving every moment of it! Can't wait to dive into the South African culture and fully immerse myself in it.  Helping those less fortunate is a passion and I am beyond blessed to be able to provide my time, services, love and devotion. Cheers to an amazing trip!  

Andrea J

Hi my name is Andrea! I have been a nurse for 8 years and have had a lot of different roles during my career. One of the best jobs has been as a public health nurse. I administered a women's health program and also assisted with child/adult immunization program in a very busy county clinic. I have some past experience in OB, ER, and OR as well in a critical access setting. Most recently, I have been travel nursing as a med/surg/tele nurse and have worked in cardiac, ortho, neuro/stroke, trauma and oncology to name a few. Volunteering in Africa has been on my bucket list for many years and I am excited about this opportunity! 



Ashley M


Stanley C


Chantelle V


Hey! My name is Chantelle and I'm currently living in Tampa, FL. I am a new nurse with 1 year of experience on a cardiac telemetry floor and a few months into training in a cardiac intensive care unit. Outside of nursing, I am constantly traveling to learn

other cultures and experience different traditions. On my free time, I work on building a brand with a few close peers called Nurse Vibes to help spread education, tips, and nurse humor. Visiting the Motherland has always been on my long bucket list and I am beyond excited to serve to the community and create unforgettable memories with the October 2018 team!  



Janelle S.

My name is Janelle, New York native currently residing in Connecticut. I've been a nurse for over 3 years, with experience in Medsurg/Tele and now currently working in the ED. My hobbies/activities include dance, writing, and traveling. This opportunity is everything to me because not only am I an avid lover of African dance, music and culture, but I will also have the opportunity to enhance my passion in nursing by helping those in need. South Africa I'm ready for you! 

Donna M

My name is Donna, I was born on the beautiful Island of Jamaica and presently reside in Miami Florida where I practice as an RN at a local hospital oa Medical Surgical Telemetry unit.
As long as I can remember I have had a lot of empathy for others  especially those who are less fortunate and this  is the reason why I have remained at the bedside for more than an 30 years.
Outside of nursing I live an active life I love to travel, dance, exercise and run marathons. 
I am so excited to be apart of the October 2018 mission trip to South Africa. I am looking forward to learn new things, indulge in the culture but most important to make a difference in the lives of the people I encounter.

Keisha J.

North Carolina



Shantania S.


Hi! I'm Shantania! I'm from the small city of Sylvester, GA where a lot of people don't make it out. I truly believe that my purpose is to show the less fortunate that the sky is the limit! I became a CNA in high school and I graduated nursing school in 2016. I'm currently a Labor and Delivery nurse in Atlanta. I'm also a CPR Instructor. In my free time, I work on building my brand, Code Pink MB which is where passion meets fashion! My hobbies include traveling. I'm super excited to go to South Africa and make a positive impact in the community! 

Tykweisha W.

Hey everyone!! My name is Tykweisha Wilson and I currently live in Atlanta, Ga. I've been a nurse for two years now, and currently work in the Burn ICU. I have a huge passion for sexual health and educating young adults. In my free time I'm either working as a licensed Life Insurance Agent, at home brainstorming, or in the gym. I have a burning desire to travel and give back to many communities. It's always been a goal for me to go on a medical mission trip and go to Africa, so I'm super excited!!