Nurses with Purpose

Nurses on  the move


Nurses with Purpose is a volunteer organization that supports nurses who have a passion and hearts desire to serve in their communities and abroad through medical mission trips. We encourage and empower nurses to participate in mission trips, disaster relief, outreach programs and volunteer events. We believe that enriching the lives of others, essentially enriches the life of ones self.  Nurses with Purpose encourages medical professionals to make volunteering a necessary component in their career. By doing so allows a refreshed outlook and re-emergence of ones initial love for the nursing. It also allows the ability to participate in humanitarian efforts. 


Nurses with Purpose aspires to have a strong network of volunteers in all specialties of nursing  providing continual services during time of disaster, outreach, public awareness, and medical mission trips.  Partnering with individuals and groups who share a common vision, a set of beliefs, and a willingness to take action towards a common goal that leads to success. We believe that outreach is the key to hope and vitality of life.


Being a missionary is not secluded to one sector but by definition means, "To go.."  Our purpose  is to go and reach the masses one nurse at a time. 

"The more helping hands that governs a body, will sustain life and hope" ~EA



To enrich the lives of others, as we enrich the lives of ourselves