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The Emily Ndaba Foundation

The Emily Ndaba Foundation is in honor of Elaine Ndaba-Alston's, founder of Nurses with Purpose, grandmother.  Despite the hardships and the backlash of apartheid, Ms. Ndaba was determined to overcome all obstacles and complete her nursing degree.  She worked in a prestigious hospital and took pride in her accomplishments.  While raising a full household, she would often welcome strangers to her home that needed medical help. 

In her honor, Nurses with Purpose would like to sponsor a deserving nursing student to attend a medical mission trip. Our mission is to attract more nurses to participate in humanitarian efforts. 

Qualify by the following: 

1. Be a current Student Nurse or LPN that is on a waiting list for an RN program

2. Be nominated by your peers, family, or self submission.

3.  Fill out the mission trip application form

4.  Complete the interview process for a NWP mission trip

Excepting Applications June 1, 2018

What is your motivation? What is your passion? What is your purpose? Is it to build relationships and serve the vulnerable?  Do you want to be exposed to a life and culture you have never engaged with? In your submission tell us what drives you? What do you want to accomplish out of this experience? Most importantly, what makes you a Nurse with Purpose?

Volunteer nurses have a special calling to promote health and healing to those that may not have easy access to healthcare.  Whether local, or international, volunteer nurses travel to areas where urgent care needs may arise or continual healthcare is needed. Typically, access to clinical facilities are limited to those seeking help. We advocate for the ones suffering, their families, and communities alike. We not only use our clinical judgment but we infuse them with belief, hope and prayer.  We do not discriminate against any group or religion but come whole heartily to those who are in need. 

Meet our 1st sponsorship recipient!

October 2017 Medical Mission Trip

Miss Darlene Mariano! 

Darlene is a LPN nursing student and her goal is to complete her RN degree. Darlene applied to our call and took action! She along with other potential nursing students, went through the Nurses with Purpose mission trip team interview process.  We are happy to say, the vote was unanimous! She will travel with the 2017 October Medical Mission Team to Johannesburg South Africa to gain experience, and knowledge about healthcare abroad.